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Jan Wójcik,

Jan leads the association with a focus on making important decisions that guide our direction and success. His expertise encompasses strategic marketing, event management, and fostering key partnerships, ensuring STEP's continued growth and impact in the esports industry.

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Dominik Ostatek,
Chairman of the Board

Dominik, renowned for his exceptional skill in eFootball, brings invaluable insights and experience to overseeing the research and development of esports tournaments and events, significantly contributing to the advancement of the esports community under STEP.

Kacper Dilling.png
Kacper Dilling,
Secretary General

In his role, Kacper is instrumental in shaping and executing STEP's marketing strategies. His responsibilities include developing innovative marketing initiatives and enhancing the organization's brand visibility, crucial for STEP's outreach and engagement.

Kacper Dziedzic.png
Kacper Dziedzic,
Board Member

Kacper, an outstanding NBA2K player, leverages his expertise as a Board Member responsible for researching eBasketball events and tournaments. His deep understanding of the game enriches STEP's approach to organizing and managing top-tier NBA2K events.


Michał Drężek.png
Michał Drężek,
Comitee Chairman

Michał holds a crucial role in overseeing the integrity of all STEP activities. His leadership ensures adherence to the highest standards of fair play and ethical conduct across the organization.

Maksym Tarczyński.png
Maksym Tarczyński,
Chief Referee

Maksym is primarily responsible for monitoring compliance with the rules, serving as a guarantor of equal opportunities for every tournament participant. His diligent oversight is key to upholding the high standards and core values of STEP.

Maciej Czachor.png
Maciej Czachor,
Comitee Member

Maciej plays a key role in managing the potential events and tournaments for STEP. His strategic planning and organizational skills are vital in ensuring the successful execution of esports activities and initiatives.

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