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CLA Poland Climbs on Ekstraklasa Games Podium

We have some delightful news for you! The Ekstraklasa Games, a premier event hosted by the Polish professional football league, PKO Bank Polski Ekstraklasa, recently concluded. This competition attracted countless esports enthusiasts and top professional eFootball players, filling the event with excitement and true competitive spirit. On the line were not only solid cash prizes but also an invitation to the Tier 1 FIFA world tournaments. Prominent eFootball pros from CLA Poland, including Majkel, Neerven, Ostat, dewidek, zimny, and natsuu — who joined the CLA league mid-tournament, had also decided to take their chances.

Over several months, the players had to compete in eight separate tournaments to have a chance to enter the final stage. After many ups and downs, Neerven, Ostat, and dewidek advanced to the Finals. They were joined by Majkel, who had previously won the Pierwsza Liga tournament and was invited directly to the Ekstraklasa Finals.

On April 27th, the players embarked on their final battle, fully focused on victory. From the get-go, Neerven, Ostat, and dewidek made it through the Group Stage and entered the Playoffs. There, Neerven once again proved why he is considered the top player in the Polish division. Defeating his opponents decisively, he quickly found himself in the finals against another renowned Polish player, Riptorek, and prevailed, becoming the winner and true champion of the 2024 Ekstraklasa Games! Meanwhile, his colleagues dewidek and Ostat also performed excellently, finishing in 3rd and 4th places, respectively.

Words alone cannot express how proud we are of our players' achievements. We would like to extend our thanks to all the participating players and the tournament organizers for bringing together such an awesome event. Special congratulations to Neerven, and good luck to him at the upcoming FC PRO World Championship and the 2024 eChampions League!




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