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dewidek Secures Third Place in the 29th Season of CLA EuroCup eFootball

It's already Monday, and as always, we're delighted to present a brief overview of the latest CLA EuroCup eFootball Season 29. Let's delve into the final standings.

This season, Gruby from Croatia rightfully took first place. Hot on his heels is another Croatian player, TUNA13, who maintained an impressive winning streak right up to the finals. We're pleased to see dewidek from the Polish division securing third place. Starting from the Upper Bracket, he unfortunately suffered two consecutive losses. It's worth noting that securing third place is an achievement in itself, given the overall level of competition.

STEP remains committed to ensuring CLA EuroCup compliance with all fair play standards. We believe it is a perfect platform for our players to hone their skills and prepare for even bigger events. This aligns perfectly with our main goal of promoting and developing the Polish esports scene.

In the meantime, the next EuroCup season has already begun. You can check out the results at




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