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Ganger_29 Triumphs in the 32nd Season of the CLA EuroCup eFootball

It's Monday already, and as usual, we're delighted to bring you a round-up of the latest CLA EuroCup season. We've witnessed some of the best eFootball players in a fierce battle for the title!

Ukrainian champion Ganger_29 took first place. With remarkable skill, he overcame every challenger from the Upper Bracket—a truly spectacular performance! Second place went to Croatian talent Gruby. Another renowned Croatian player, Banderas, rounded off the top three.

Despite the fact that Polish players didn’t make it to the Final, all of them demonstrated incredible games and were not an easy obstacle to overcome. STEP remains committed to supporting the CLA EuroCup and similar competitions that allow our players to gain valuable experience and improve their abilities.

Be sure to check out how the next season is shaping up at




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