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Gdm Enters the Final Six in the 20th Season of CLA EuroCup eBasketball

We're excited to present a brief summary of the latest CLA EuroCup eBasketball season. The competition was fierce, with professional players from three divisions battling it out to determine the ultimate champion.

The Croatian player Fisherman has rightfully secured first place. Hot on his heels, only a few goals behind, is the Ukrainian player The_Professor. Third place has been claimed by another Croatian contender, Virovec77. We would also like to acknowledge the accomplishments of the Polish player Gdm, who has successfully made it into the Final Six. Given the overall high level of competition, this achievement is indeed remarkable.

This season has clearly demonstrated the sheer competitiveness of CLA EuroCup matches. This intensity is precisely why we chose to support this event, as we believe it provides an excellent platform for our Polish players to hone their skills and establish themselves.

The next EuroCup season is already in play. Stay tuned to our blog post to get all the latest updates, or check out the results yourself at




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