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kudo_03 and Gdm are in the Final Sixof CLA EuroCup eBasketball Season 26

Welcome to our weekly review of the latest EuroCup season. The final standings, among others, also featured a couple of Polish players. Allow us to give you a short recap of the results.

The top three places in this season were taken by the members of the Croatian division. First place went to a notorious Croatian champion, Fisherman. Skeletron took second place, while Virovec77 secured third place. As already mentioned, Polish players kudo_03 and Gdm finished in fifth and sixth places, respectively.

As always, we would like to give a big shoutout to all the participating players. Your sheer dedication to the game instills passion in the hearts of countless fans all around the world. We are eagerly awaiting what the next season will bring. 

On that note, the Daily Qualifiers for Season 27 are already in play. Check out the results at




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